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4" SpringR Bubble Gum 4pk

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Product Details

A one-of-a-kind soft plastic design from the Mann’s Lure Research Team is catching a lot of attention. Be the first to fish this new product.

Over 2-years of rigorous development, modifications and testing have resulted in a product that wiggles on the fall like no other stick bait and continues to move even in modest current with unbelievable action. It fishes better than any similar style lure on the market. Will outlast competitive brands 4-to-1 due to the design and engineering of the product, without compromising the movement or action of the lure. The durability of the product will allow you to catch fish after fish without re-baiting unlike similar soft plastics that fall apart after one catch. Some field reports have people catching ten or more bass on one Spring-R™ Worm.

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